Vibe 7 Ultimate

Vibe 7 Ultimate comes with upgraded Panasonic Battery & an additional Panasonic Battery
£ 599.99

The use of aluminum on the VIBE 7`s chassis gives it a lot of strength and durability while keeping weight to a minimum at just over 12KG. It also has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance with its IP54 rating. The newly released VIBE 7 electric scooter utilizes top-notch technology, including a premium Li-ion battery pack and a powerful 350W motor. The 8.5" Air-filled tyres will keep you rolling smoothly even on bumpy surfaces. Boasting stunning aesthetics as well as power, the VIBE 7 is built from a streamlined aluminum alloy frame that delivers a minimalist design while ensuring high structural strength. Foldable and portable, cruising around in your city has never been easier and more exciting.

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